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6 Week TEAM Challenge

***Mon Nov 11th - Sun Dec 21st***

Open to Members and Non-Members

Register by Nov 1st

Kick off meeting/Potluck Saturday Nov 2nd 10am 

Body composition check-ins Nov 9th & 10th



It's here!  It's here!  If you've been waiting and are sooooo excited and don't even want to read the email below, click here to start your journey!!  Select "Make Appointment" and then "2019 Holiday Nutrition Challenge Check-In" and navigate to either 11/9 or 11/10 to select your appointment time slot with Coach Nickie. all about it!! 



According to Dr. Barry Sears, founder (and lead practitioner) of The Zone Diet, 

“Hormones are hundreds of times more powerful than drugs. Every time we eat, something hormonal is going to happen -- either very good things, or very bad things. We have the power to control that fate, if we treat food with the same respect as we treat any prescription drug. It does not mean food has to taste like a drug, but we have to stand back in awe of the power of food to orchestrate these hormonal changes in our body.”

Nutrition is the single most important thing you can do for your body and mind. Fresh, unprocessed, healthy foods are the “drug” of choice that your body and mind need to run efficiently and effectively. 


Similar to your car if it has contaminated gas, it will hesitate and sputter until it simply stalls out.  Your body and mind respond in the same way. We don’t want your body or mind to hesitate, sputter or stall - you’ve got important things to do!  


Your body is the one and only place you have to live, so we want to teach and encourage you to treat it well.  Learn what those contaminants are and how to avoid putting them in your tank and track your progress!



But why 6 weeks?  Isn’t that just a “diet?”

For many people, 6 weeks provides the perfect duration to start a new habit; it’s less overwhelming and helpful to see the light at the end of the short tunnel. 


Six weeks allows enough time to learn that you are in control and can control what you eat and drink. Just like showing up to the gym forms a habit, showing yourself that you can make decisions around your food can build habits.


Six weeks is enough time for your body to begin to adjust to life with different fuel. Not only will you start to feel better, but you will also likely be able to feel the difference when you deviate. Let’s note that we try not to use words like “cheat” and “bad” when we talk about food. We can use “treat” instead.  We don’t want any shame around food, we just need to acknowledge patterns and how they make us feel.  


It is this kind of learning about your own body that we hope to encourage. Just like we aim to help you learn how your body works in the gym, we hope to empower you to make decisions about your own food choices and how they will help you perform better, both mentally and physically.  




Why?  We tend to work better when we have the motivation and accountability from others.  You will not be flying solo for this Challenge; teams of 3 will be selected! Once teams are assigned, you will designate a team Captain, choose your team name, and post away on social media #ProteinCarbsFat #BellCityZone #We’reGonnaWin #TrimmingDown #NoExtraHolidayPounds.



Why?  Psychology.  People are more committed and will hold themselves more accountable (and will be held accountable by their teammates!) when they have money on the line.  

$99 per participant.  Each participant will get a shirt and the winning team (the top finishing team of 3) will receive EITHER a new pair of Reebok Nanos OR one FREE Unlimited month of CrossFit group classes.   



What is your goal?  Let us know! This will help us help you!  




Why?  Because when your body is fueled well, you will perform better.  Let’s see your progress after six weeks! 


   1:00 max push-ups 

   2 min rest

   1:00 max ab mat sit ups

   2 min rest

   1:00 max air squats

   2 min rest

   1:00 max burpees

   2 min rest


*Note: The Team with the highest workout total will earn 3 additional points





Points will be equally important, with 1 point for each category listed below (Sleep, Water, Veggies, Nutrition, Exercise).  5 max points per person each week, 15 max points per team each week, 90 max points for the 6 week period. 


  • Did you sleep at least 7 hours each night this week?  1 point

  • Did you drink enough water each day this week?  Easy calculation: Your weight in pounds divided by two.  As an example, if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking at least 75 oz of water daily.  1 point

  • Did you consume veggies at least 3x each day?  1 point

  • Was your nutrition on point?? 1 point

    • Consistently eating every 3-5 hours, eating at least 4x per day

    • Consuming all 3 macros (#ProteinCarbsFat) each time you eat

    • Staying within your allotted block amount (this will be calculated during your 15 min body comp analysis check-in)

    • Included each week will be 1 treat meal

  • Did you exercise at least 5x this week, allowing at least 1 day for rest/recovery?  This should ideally be at least 3x CrossFit or similar, 2x yoga, running, etc. 1 point


*Note: This is all on the honor system. Hold yourself and your teammates accountable!  


Lean Body Mass change and performance improvement will be included in the total score as well.  (Full example will be provided after registration).  


  • Each participant will be given a nutrition eBook

  • Each participant will be added to the private Facebook group

  • Each participant will take and submit before & after pics (do this individually or have one of your team members be your photographer).  Pictures must be submitted by the end of the day Sunday Nov 10th to with the subject line “Before pictures”

  • Each participant will schedule a 15-minute Body Composition Analysis with Coach Nickie before and after the Challenge. (There will be no mid-way check-in). 

  • Get your spouse, best friend, parent, etc to take the journey with you!! 




Don’t fall off the wagon during Christmas and The New Year!  Enjoy time with friends and family but be mindful of how you are treating your body.  Utilize what you have learned throughout this process and continue to treat your body and mind well. Annnnnd…be on the lookout for another Challenge to maintain your progress into the New Year!


Ready to start your journey?  Set an appointment with Coach Nickie by clicking here.  Select "Make Appointment" and then "2019 Holiday Nutrition Challenge Check-In" and navigate to either 11/9 or 11/10 to select your time slot.  

Have a HEALTHY day!! 

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