The Bell City 2019 Nutrition and Performance Challenge is aimed at kick-starting positive changes in your daily nutrition, and it is our hope that it will help assist in paving the way for a complete lifestyle change! 

This Challenge is open to Bell City members, as well as non-members.  The nutrition portion of the Challenge will follow guidelines outlined in The Zone Diet.  The Challenge will run for 8-weeks, Monday February 4th through Sunday March 31st – just in time to welcome Spring…and soon enough…Summer!! 



The Bell City CrossFit community, friends and family.



An 8-week nutrition and performance challenge meant as a collective kick-start toward a healthier YOU!



Bell City CrossFit – and where you live, work and play!


First, join us as we welcome Dr. Sears’ Zone Team into the gym on Saturday January 19th 10-11am.  This will consist of a FREE nutrition seminar presented by The Zone Team, Q&A, free samples, and a free bottle of Zone fish oil – the purest you will find – to the first 50 attendees! 

Then, you’ll schedule a 15 min consult with Coach Nickie between January 19th – January 26th to access your body composition to determine how many macros (protein, carbs & healthy fats) your individual body will require.  You'll also receive a Zone book to help guide your journey and we'll be taking pictures to track your progress. 

The Challenge Capacity Test WOD will be programmed for Group Class on Monday, February 4th.  We will perform the same workout at the end of the 8-week Challenge to measure your performance progress.  

If you are new to CrossFit, or are not a member of Bell City CrossFit, no worries; as we will have a modified workout available for you to perform on your own, or at Bell City during Open Gym hours on Sunday, February 3rd. 



You should plan to do a bit of food shopping, food prep, and a cabinet & fridge clean-up.  Although The Zone is non-restrictive, having healthier options at home will help you make better choices. 



Reduce body fat and inflammation, prevent and reduce chronic disease, increase energy, improve performance both physically and mentally, and most importantly help you feel awesome by achieving overall wellness! 


Annnnd, who doesn’t like prizes?!?!


YES!   One male and one female will win the grand prize of one month of FREE unlimited classes at Bell City, a $159+ value!  Second place male and female will receive 50% off one month's membership.  Third place male and female will receive 25% off one month's membership.

Winners will be selected based on pre & post challenge body composition, measurements, capacity test, and points earned on the Bell City Bingo sheets.

**Alright, you’re in?  Great! 



Complete the following steps by Saturday, February 2nd in order to participate and be eligible for prizes:

  • Add your name to the list at the front desk AND contact Coach Nickie asap to secure your spot, and schedule a time to meet with her.

  • Optional - Have a friend or family member join you on this journey!!

  • The cost is $50 per participant. We will charge your account on file, unless notified otherwise.

  • Be sure you are added to the Private Challenge Facebook group, where you will be able to ask questions and chat with fellow challengers.

  • Read your Zone book!!

  • Join us Saturday Feb 2nd at 10am for a Challenge Group Info Session.

  • Grocery shop and prep your meals and snacks.

  • Be ready to rock this Challenge beginning Monday Feb 4th!!

  • Complete the pre-Challenge workout during classes on Monday Feb 4th, or Sunday Feb 3rd at 9am for non-members and record your results.

  • Complete your post-Challenge workout during classes Monday April 1st, or Sunday March 31st at 9am for non-members.

  • Track points earned daily on your Bell City Bingo sheet, kept in a binder at the front desk.

  • Get excited about a new, healthy YOU!!!


March 2021 The CrossFit Open Begins


We'll be running a "Clash of the Classes" in-house competition that aligns with the CrossFit Open that begins with the first workout announcement on March 11. Message us, or sign your name to the board in the gym to be added to a team!

Make sure you sign up for The Open HERE

April 2021 Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Begins


Are you eager to see improvement in your Olympic Lifts? Interested in gaining a better understanding of the Clean, Snatch and Jerk, while improving technique, gaining strength and confidence? Have you ever thought about competing in your first Olympic Lifting meet?
Join Coach Danielle for a 12-week Olympic Weightlifting Specialty Class!

Sign Up Here!


The CrossFit Open - Clash of the Classes

First CrossFit Open workout is announced. Sign up for The Open and join your classmates in our in-house competition!  Sign Up Here!


Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Begins!

12-weeks with class days either on Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. Sign Up Here!


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