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New Signage and Directional Traffic Flow

When you return to Bell City, you’ll notice new signage posted around the gym. These signs are intended to help us adhere to Social Distancing requirements outlined by the State as well as recommendations from the CDC.   

First, we’ll allow single direction traffic through the gym, one main entrance, and one exit.  Upon entering, you’ll notice directional arrows on the floor to guide you to the main gym entrance.  Coaches are responsible for signing members into class - we will not require everyone to sign in using the iPad kiosk.

Members must wear a mask when entering/leaving the building and when cleaning equipment. Gloves are also recommended when handling cleaning chemicals.  Bell City will have a limited amount of PPE for our Staff, so please be prepared with your own. 

When arriving at the main gym floor entrance, the Coach on staff will take each member’s temperature using a Touchless Digital thermometer.  If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you please stay home and opt to join us on a Zoom class if you’d like.  

Within each Athlete Station, you’ll also see instructions for set-up, usage and break down of equipment. Members are encouraged to bring their own towels to lie on the floor, or to use as sweat rags.  These towels should be taken with you to wash after class. 

Thank you all for familiarizing yourself with these new procedures and for helping us maintain a healthy facility! We can’t wait to see you all soon! 


Reintegration Programming

Upon returning to the gym, you will see 1-month dedicated to “rebuilding”. This is the perfect way to reintroduce your body to high-intensity, in-gym training. The program will gradually progress from less intensity, lighter loads, and slower tempo work into, higher intensity, heavier loads, and faster tempos. This will be key as we look to get back into the gym safely and effectively! 

You can also expect to see programming that limits the amount of movement from one part of the gym to the other, and any partner workouts programmed will be performed without sharing equipment, and while maintaining 6 feet between partners.

The Daily Programming will include an “In-Gym” version, as well as an appropriate “At Home” version to accommodate those joining class from home as well as from the gym.  We will continue to make classes available via Zoom for the foreseeable future.  

We cannot wait to see you all back in the gym very soon!


What to bring to Group Class

Things will look and run a little differently when we return to Bell City, but rest assured, it’ll still be the same fun, supportive, happy place you’ve come to expect! To help you prepare, here are some items you may choose to bring with you to class to be prepared:

BCCF Borrowed Equipment: Since we will be running both At Home and In Person classes, you will need to bring borrowed equipment with you to the gym when the programming requires it. We ask that you return any borrowed equipment you’re not using to the gym for other members. 

Chalk: We will not be using the communal chalk buckets for the foreseeable future to reduce potential spread. We will be selling individual bags of chalk to members for $1 each. 

Cooler: Heading into the summer months, it can get pretty hot in the gym. We will not be offering the communal ice coolers and towels this year as we normally would. On hot days, feel free to bring your own small cooler to keep body temperature down. 

Cubbies: Take your cubby and all of your gear into your athlete station with you so you have whatever you need during class, and bring it home for cleaning after class. All cubbies must be taken with members each time they leave the gym for cleaning. 

PPE: We will have a limited supply of masks and gloves at the gym for Staff, however if you’d to bring your own you are more than welcome. Both may come in handy when cleaning equipment, or when entering and leaving the gym.

Towels/Yoga Mat: You may choose to bring your own mat and/or beach towel to lay on when needed during class. We will supply 2 small cleaning towels to each member. You are responsible for washing and bringing these towels with you to class. 

Water Bottles: Water Fountains and Showers will be off limits when we return. Please remember to bring a filled water bottle or two with you to the gym to stay hydrated, especially as we enter the summer months! Water, Nooma, FitAid, and Ascent are all stocked and available for sale. 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unique times! The countdown is ON and we can’t wait to see you all soon! 

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