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(CrossFit Group Classes - for ADULTS)

We offer four options of recurring memberships for CrossFit Group Adult classes.  The number of classes is valid for the entirety of the month, allowing for flexibility with busy schedules.  The completion of a group Fundamentals (on-ramp) program is required in order to participate in CrossFit Group Adult classes and / or Open Gym.

CrossFit Group Adult memberships include access to Circuit Breaker classes, each counting as 1 class toward the monthly limit.


Access to an unlimited number of  CrossFit Group classes per month

$185/mo ($7/class)


Access to 16 CrossFit Group classes per month

(4x per week avg)

$165/mo ($10/class)


Access to 12 CrossFit Group classes per month

(3x per week avg)

$145/mo ($12/class)


Access to 10 CrossFit Group classes 

*4 month expiration

$185 ($18/class)

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