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Fat Loss

A combination of our exercise and nutritional programs creates a potent offense against your weight loss goals.  With over 40 CrossFit Group classes, 3 Circuit Breaker classes and Open Gym to choose from each week, we provide the availability to match your busy schedule.

While other programs focus solely on losing weight, any kind of weight, we take a more balanced approach to weight loss.  One that incorporates an achievable lifestyle change with a focus on maintaining lean muscle mass, while losing excess fat.  This is critical for maximizing body function and longevity.

How we do it:

Nutrition Consultation

Weight Loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise, but you shouldn't have to restrict the foods you love in order to achieve your weight loss goals. 


Our Nutrition Program options are designed by our Coach Nickie, who continues to work and learn directly from Dr. Barry Sears (founder of The Zone Diet) and The Zone Team at their headquarters in MA.

CrossFit Group

The CrossFit prescription is designed to reduce fat, while maintaining and increasing lean body mass (muscle).  The key here is balance: lose the fat, retain and gain the muscle.

Circuit Breaker

A "no experience necessary" version of our CrossFit Group classes, this HIIT class removes the barbells and gymnastics movements to create a 50/50 split of strength and conditioning all within a 1-hour class.

Consistency and recovery are key, so we provide Circuit Breaker classes on Tuesday (5:30am), Thursday (5:30pm) and Saturday (7:30am).

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