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Head Coach / Co-Owner

Melissa Loranger (Coach MeLo)

* Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Licensed Physical Therapist in Connecticut and New York

* Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

* CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

* CrossFit Kids Trainer

* Adult, Child and Infant, Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

Melissa’s passion for sports and fitness began early in life while running from one activity to the next in Bristol, Connecticut: from soccer and softball to track and ballet. She came to CrossFit in January, 2010 after feeling beat up, worn out, and generally bored with the same old globo gym routine. After one CrossFit Class, she knew that she had found the challenging and exciting fitness regimen she was looking for.

Since that initial introduction, Melissa has seen improvement in strength, skill, conditioning and general health and after 10+ years, continues to see progress and have fun with the sport.  Coach MeLo began coaching in 2012 and her appreciation of physical movement and rehabilitation led her back to graduate school to pursue her doctorate at Hunter College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program (Class of 2016).  

MeLo enjoys sharing her passion and excitement for fitness with others. In particular, introducing individuals to the vast array of constantly varied movements utilized in CrossFit and helping people set and meet fitness goals they never imagined possible.  She has learned through experience that CrossFit can be for everyone, and it is possible to find enjoyment in working out, while improving one’s health and quality of life.  

Melissa has completed several Continuing Education Courses including Rock Tape FMT, Graston Technique, LLC, the Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Trainer Course and Herman & Wallace Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & Treatment, Level 1 Course.

Nutrition Coach / Co-Owner

Nicole Loranger (Coach Nickie)

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

* Certified Practitioner in Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

* Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified (PN-L1)

* Burgener Strength - Weightlifting Level 1 Certified

* CPR & AED Certified

Hi All!  I'm known around the gym as Nickie, Nicole, or Coach Happy Pants!  My fitness journey began in school playing softball and cheerleading and continued through and after college with many hours spent in the gym.  I never really had a goal set other than staying fit and healthy, until I decided to take it up a notch and train for a Figure Competition; in which I reduced my body fat down to 13% and took home a 4th place trophy in my division! 


I continued to exercise throughout my first pregnancy and was blessed with a healthy and happy baby boy.  As soon as I was given the green light, I was right back in the gym, but switching it up a little – I decided to try out CrossFit and immediately fell in love.  Soon after, I became certified in both CrossFit and The Zone Anti-Inflammatory nutrition.   I have been coaching at Bell City since 2013 and have also taught boot camp classes in and outside of Bell City.

I continued CrossFit throughout the beginning of my second pregnancy when on New Year’s Eve no less,  I had an appendectomy at 18 weeks pregnant.  I was not able to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, sadly not even my toddler, or a barbell.  I easily put on a whopping 60 pounds, but thankfully was blessed with another healthy and happy big baby boy.  I knew I wanted to be as healthy as possible for my babies, especially after my younger brother battled (and beat!!) cancer, so I jumped right back into the CrossFit and Zone lifestyle. 


I continually ensure a healthy lifestyle for my family as well as others by dialing into safe ingredients both in and on our bodies.  In addition to educating others on how to fuel our bodies properly through the use of macros to ensure hormonal balance, I am also a Beautycounter advocate for change within the personal care products industry.  I am more than grateful to have this opportunity to help others with their health and fitness goals.  It’s beyond amazing to watch others progress, transform, and crush and accomplish goals! 


How can I help you?  

Group Coach / Personal Training

Brandon Cepalak

* Associates Degree in Advance Personal Training and Exercise Science, Bryan University

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

* Burgener Strength - Weightlifting Level 1 Certified

* CPR & AED Certified

Brandon Cepelak, from Wolcott, CT. Before CrossFit he trained in a regular gym setting; however since beginning CrossFit three years ago he has fallen in love with the sport and community.  Brandon previously coached Wolcott High School's tennis team where he showed his passion for tennis as well as his desire to help others.  Since completing school he has been determined to utilize his personal training knowledge and assist others in reaching their goals.  Outside of CrossFit, Brandon enjoys various outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, traveling, and tennis.  

Group Coach / Personal Training

Kiara Bonilla-Jusino

* B.S. Exercise Science - Physical Education k-12

* M.A. Exercise Science Teaching Physical Education 

* M.A. Health and Wellness

* CT coaching certification 

* Red Cross First Aid / CPR Certified

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Kiara Bonilla is a former high school and collegiate runner who fell into the world of CrossFit through her desire to push herself while being around others with goals, to motivate herself. She also loves the supportive community that Bell City provides, which reminds her of being a part of a sports team.

During the day Kiara is teaching physical education to students in Bristol, then coaching some of the best cross country and track & field athletes the city of Bristol has competing.

Massage Therapy / Personal Training

Stephanie Barry

* Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science

* Licensed Massage Therapist

* Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

* Certified with USA Weightlifting

* Certified with Precision Nutrition

* Level 2 RPR Coach

Stephanie has been enthusiastic about health and fitness since a young age. Growing up, she was a multi-sport athlete, which led to her playing field hockey at the collegiate level. Her passion for fitness drew her to Bridgewater State University, where she graduated Suma Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science in 2010. After moving to Connecticut in 2013, she worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Trinity College.

After years of playing sports and training, Stephanie had experienced a few injuries along with some aches and pains. She found relief through massage therapy and wanted to learn how to use this modality, along with exercise and nutrition, to help others. She enrolled in Massage Therapy School with Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (now Cortiva Institute) to help people move and feel better and has recently finished her program there.

In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, Steph holds the distinction of being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist under the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which is one of their highest honors. She is also certified with USA Weightlifting, Precision Nutrition and a Level 2 RPR Coach.

Stephanie takes a holistic approach with her clients. Her goal is to incorporate her knowledge of strength and conditioning and massage in every session.

Group Coach / Personal Training

Jillian Richey

* B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

* M.S. in Business Administration

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

* Adult, Child and Infant, Pediatric CPR/AED & First Aid Certified


Jillian started in fitness shortly after college as a way to stay busy and healthy. The time in the gym quickly became a form of therapy and stress relief. Over the years, while continuing to pursue strength, the routine of the gym became monotonous. In search of a new challenge,  she started CrossFit.


Jillian loves the CrossFit atmosphere and community, the challenge every workout presents, the strategy that’s needed to accomplish each workout and the empirical data that drives results.  She hopes to help others find enjoyment in their fitness journey as much as she has hers.

Group Coach / Personal Training

Todd Johnsky

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Todd Johnsky, from Bristol, CT. Before CrossFit, Todd trained in a regular gym setting; however, since beginning CrossFit in April, 2018 he has been able to turn a hobby into a passion.   Todd strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle, constantly learning about and practicing proper nutrition as well as consistent training.

Todd's Day job is pretty demanding working in the corporate world.  Todd is able to correlate his expertise with teaching and training corporate executives in the corporate environment to his coaching abilities at Bell City.  Todd enjoys being a coach, a mentor, a positive influence, the community Crossfit offers and watching individuals grow during their fitness journey.

Outside of CrossFit, Todd enjoys various outdoor activities, Gardening, and travel.

Group Coach / Personal Training

Erin Howe

* B.S. Physical Education K-12
* M.A. Physical Education focused in Sports Leadership and Nutrition
* Red Cross First Aid / AED/ CPR Certified
* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Erin began her CrossFit journey in 2018, however her love for fitness and proper nutrition has been a lifelong passion. She grew up playing AAA ice hockey for 12 years and competed in track and field for 7 years; 3 of which were spent competing at the D1 level as a high jumper and triple jumper.

After college she began competing in bodybuilding, which was short lived due to her love for eating!! After years of going to a “regular” gym, she decided to try CrossFit...and fell in love. Within CrossFit she has found a family of people who love fitness the same way she does. She considers it one of the greatest decisions she’s made in her 29 years and looks forward to sharing this passion with all of you!!

Group Coach / Personal Training

Carley St. Amand

* B.S. Nursing
* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) - In Progress

* ACLS, BLS, CPR & AED Certified

Carley is one of our newest coaches but has been involved with CrossFit for almost a decade. While obtaining her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Southern Connecticut State University, she became an avid class participant.Being in the gym provided the perfect physical and mental outlet (yet challenging) for when she wasn’t studying, which has only sustained. As a Registered Nurse at Hartford Hospital, she is enthusiastic to adapt and apply her career knowledge into her passion: CrossFit!

Group Coach / Personal Training

Jake Colello

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Jake joined Bell City CrossFit in 2013 while in high school and has been hooked ever since. He particularly enjoys the sense of community, the friendly competition, and the special events - such as Friday Night Lights during the Opens!Jake has a passion for helping and teaching others, whether it be coaching travel baseball, being a math tutor, and of course - a CrossFit coach! When he’s not in the gym, Jake enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, traveling, and going to the beach.

Group Coach / Personal Training

Jaime Silva

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) - In Progress

Jaime grew up in Philly playing football, basketball, and baseball. He was also a nationally ranked sprinter which led to 4 years of competing as a D1 Track & Field athlete.Jaime found CrossFit in 2014; he was immediately hooked after his first Fundamentals class and hasn’t looked back. He credits CrossFit for filling the competitive void he craved and loves training with like-minded individuals dedicated to self-improvement.After competing in several CrossFit competitions early on, Jaime now focuses his training on maintaining fitness longevity through quality of movement. Jaime enjoys sharing his experiences with the Bell City CrossFit community and looks forward to working with athletes at all levels to achieve their fitness goals.

Group Coach / Personal Training

Kathryn Snow

* B.A. Psychology
* M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis
* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) 

* Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (PN-L1)

Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always had an intrinsic drive to be a better athlete, as sports never came naturally to me at a young age. In high school, I did indoor track, field hockey and softball. Following high school, I played Division 3 Field Hockey for Westfield State University, while obtaining my bachelors in Special Education and Psychology. Following my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued my education and received a Master’s Degree and soon started a career as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, serving individuals with Autism, developmental disabilities, and other mental health concerns.

After being a collegiate level athlete, I tried various fitness related hobbies such as bodybuilding, running, intramural sports, and Zumba. During the summer of 2017, a good friend convinced me to come to a partner WOD at her Crossfit gym one Sunday morning. I can remember that day clearly, as it was a very humbling experience to someone who thought they were in decent shape. I was completely hooked from that moment on. I loved the concept of functional fitness, as its benefits made so much sense regarding overall health and longevity. I finally found something that not only brought together a great community of people, but allowed my competitive side to live on. 

Crossfit gave me an outlet and motivated me to become a more healthier and overall “fitter” version of myself. Wanting to learn more and teach others in the process, I decided to obtain my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer designation in the Fall of 2021. I am so thankful for the amazing community and coaches that have helped shape me into the Crossfit athlete and Olympic weightlifter I am today. I truly enjoy helping others learn to move well and become healthier, happier, and more fitter versions of themselves. Crossfit allowed me to stay fit before, during, and after pregnancy. My hope is to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself for my husband, Greg and to set a positive example for my daughter, Hailey.

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