Member of the Quarter (MOTQ)

At Bell City CrossFit, we’re lucky to have a solid core (pun intended) of absolutely incredible members whose dedication and commitment to their fitness and our community is extraordinary.  We are beyond grateful to all of our members for their continued support and in this new, quarterly series, we’d like to call attention to members who exemplify what BCCF is all about; strength, commitment and community.

Kris Face for Web.png

Kris DelValle

MOTQ: Q3-2021

Every quarter at Bell City CrossFit, the Staff discusses who to recognize as the next Member of the Quarter.  As a framework for that discussion, we consider our 10 Fundamental Values; positivity, humility, integrity, respect, determination, preparation, open mindedness, inclusiveness, courage and commitment. 


Our Q3 2021 MOTQ exhibits all of these values and is a true testament to what progress can be made with a positive mindset, consistent dedication and a willingness to learn.


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Ben Aubin

MOTQ: Q1-2021

2020 was a unique year; a challenging year for everyone for various reasons.  At Bell City CrossFit, we want to start 2021 off on a positive celebratory note, by recognizing Ben Aubin as our Member of the Quarter for Q1 2021!!


Positivity is something that Ben brings to every class he attends.  Coaches unanimously agree that they look forward to having him in class, not only because of his positive mindset and coachability, but also because he is super supportive of and encouraging to his classmates, especially at the break of dawn in the early 5:30am Group Class. He makes others feel comfortable and welcome in class and elevates the energy and atmosphere, we appreciate that!


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Todd Johnsky

MOTQ: Q4-2020

In spite of having a demanding and time consuming job, as well as an incredible family of 4 kids with his wife, our Q4 BCCF MOTQ has consistently dedicated the time to improve his health and well being for his personal benefit, but for his family as well. Todd Johnsky has been a staple of our 6/6:30pm Group Class since he graduated Fundamentals in May, 2018 and the all around progress he’s made is a testament to his dedication, coachabilty and positive attitude.


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Denise Portalatin-Mendoza

MOTQ: Q3-2020

When considering a 2020 Q3 MOTQ at Bell City, we wanted to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond over the past several months while the gym was shut down to stay consistent in their training and to continue building a healthy lifestyle. Someone so hard-working, and humble inside and out of the gym, and who provides so much positive inspiration to others.  That description is Denise all over! 


During the day, Denise works as a Medical Assistant at a community health center providing access to world class care and services to uninsured and underinsured populations.  She’s also a dedicated mother of 2 and still manages to always have a smile on her face.


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Meg Robinson

MOTQ: Q1-2020

As we ring in the New Year, so must we also crown a new Member of the Quarter at Bell City CrossFit!  The votes were cast, and the decision was unanimous. All of the Coaches agreed that Meg Robinson would be a perfect candidate to represent Bell City as our First Member of the Quarter in 2020.


Meg has been a Member of Bell City CrossFit since September, 2013.  She’s been training consistently for over 6 years and due to her dedication and hard work, continues to make great strides in her fitness.

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Charles Face.png

Charles Wiegert

MOTQ: Q4-2019

In the 4th Quarter of 2019, as the leaves change colors, and football season is in full effect, we look to the 5:30am group class for a Member whose consistency and dedication is unparalleled.  Unless he’s on vacation, or his 2 boys got him sick, you can expect to see Charles Wiegert at every class, every week; Monday through Friday. And due to his coachability, positivity and strong work ethic, us Coaches love to see him there!

We recently rolled out Bell City CrossFit’s Vision along with our 10 Core Values.  In addition to providing motivation and perspective to us on a daily basis, these also define what qualities we look for in a Member of the Quarter.  Charles ticks all of the boxes, and when you read below, you can see why.

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Daisha Rivera

MOTQ: Q3-2019

In the 3rd Quarter of 2019, we head to the 12:30pm group class to find someone who is dedicated to reaching and achieving her goals through consistency, hard work and commitment. She not only sees the value in CrossFit for herself, but has introduced several others to Bell City as a way to lead them towards a healthier lifestyle.  Coachable, caring and supportive, yet fierce and determined, Daisha is a force to be reckoned with and a natural choice for Member of the Quarter.


You’ll most likely hear her grunting through her lifts, or see her dancing to whatever is playing (which is most likely NOT turned up enough for her liking). She’s one of our members who commits themselves to improvement and she has seen much in both skill (mastering double unders and cycling toes to bar like a pro), and strength (consistently PR’ing both Oly and Power lifts).  

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Wes Ott

MOTQ: Q2-2019

Last quarter we learned a bit more about 5:30am faithful, Danielle G., Bell City’s first Member of the Quarter in 2019.  Today, we congratulate Wes Ott, a founding member of the “Dirty 6:30pm” group class unanimously voted Bell City CrossFit’s Member of the Q2, 2019 by the coaching staff.  Consistent, humble, and hard-working are just a few of the PG-rated terms his peers and coaches use to describe Wes. Always attentive, while others in class may be off chasing butterflies; Wes encourages others while discreetly crushing workouts and managed to secure a 6th place spot on the BCCF 2019 Open Men’s Leaderboard.

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Danielle Gambardella

MOTQ: Q1-2019

Our first EVER Member of the Quarter goes to someone who has been a regular at the 5:30am group class for years.  One of the most consistent members we have; if she’s not at the 5:30am group class...we worry. Not only is she extremely dedicated, but also super inclusive, friendly and CRAZY strong. Don’t underestimate her small stature, and kind nature, most don’t stand a chance against her in a fight.

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