Membership Policies

Below are Bell City CrossFit's (BCCF) current membership policies.  If at any point you require any membership changes (e.g. upgrades / downgrades, cancellations, holds) please contact us at or by calling us at (860)314-2699.

** Please note that membership downgrades and cancellations require 30-days written notice**


  • All Members must sign in at the front desk (FD) prior to any scheduled class, private training session, or special event.  

  • CrossFit Group and Open Gym classes count towards your membership as normal classes and Members must check in accordingly.  

  • Please note that we have a 5 minute grace period for class attendance. Any Member arriving over 5 minutes late will only be permitted at the Coach’s discretion.


  • This is where we come to let off steam, better ourselves and meet up with friends.  Please keep the gym neat and tidy by putting things away where they belong and cleaning up after yourselves.  We all want to enjoy our time here and not waste it putting things away and cleaning.

  • If you are going to use a cubby, keep it neat and tidy.  Cubbies are for storage of extra shoes and jump ropes only.  Please keep extra clothing, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, supplement bottles, etc. in your gym bag or car; and please do not store anything on top of the cubbies.

  • A lost and found box is under the wooden seat by the front window in the office.  If you can't find something, we've likely cleaned it up, so please check there.


  • Membership upgrades can occur at any time.  Upgrades requested during the current membership month will be assessed a $15 upgrade fee to offset the difference between membership rates.  No fee will be assessed for upgrades requested to begin at the start of the next membership month.

  • Membership downgrades will be effective as of the Member’s next billing cycle.  All requests for membership downgrades must be submitted to BCCF via email ( with at least 30 days notice from your next bill date.  BCCF will not provide refunds for late requests.


  • BCCF will honor membership holds of one month or more, provided that Staff is notified at least 14 days in advance of your next bill date. All requests for membership holds must be submitted to BCCF via email ( with at least 14 days notice from the start of the hold.

  • Periods of membership hold will extend the Member’s current billing cycle by the total number of days absent, resulting in no financial loss for planned time away.

  • Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 3 months. The membership will automatically reactivate after that, unless the Member contacts us within 14 days of the reactivation date to extend the hold.  


  • Membership cancellations can occur at anytime and for any reason without additional fees.  All requests for membership cancellations must be submitted to BCCF via email ( with at least 30 days notice from your next bill date.  BCCF will not provide refunds for late requests.

  • Please note that deleting your payment information from Zen Planner does not cancel your membership.  Membership cancellations are only processed by contacting BCCF via email (

  • We do request that you provide a reason for cancellation for our tracking purposes.


BCCF prides itself on being a kid- and dog-friendly gym. In the interest of keeping everyone as safe and focused on their fitness as possible, we’ve updated our policies regarding our favorite tiny humans and creatures. If you have a child or dog, please review these policies.

BCCF Kids Policies:

  • No kids are allowed on the gym floor - this includes the annex (Oly) space.

  • Kids must be able to sit in the office / lounge area unattended, which means they are not a distraction to others and are not a danger to themselves or others.

  • Kids should not be in the way of group class (e.g. when a class is running in and out of the gym).

  • Coaches, other Staff or Members are not responsible for your kids.

  • No kids are allowed behind the front desk.

  • Please be mindful of your stroller (strollers are not allowed on the gym floor - this includes the annex (Oly) space).

BCCF Dogs Policies:

  • Dogs that bark, whine, jump, or bite are not allowed at the gym.

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and must be tied up out of the way of the entry and classes.

  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove a disruptive dog.

  • The Coaches, other Staff or Members are not responsible for your dog.

  • Dogs are not allowed behind the front desk.

  • Dogs are not allowed on the gym floor (especially near the speakers) - this includes the annex (Oly) space.

  • Dogs are not allowed on the couches / furniture.