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We’re heading into Week 3 of our current programming cycle, which includes Back and Front Squats every Monday. As we progress through the cycle and the loads get incrementally heavier, breathing and bracing becomes an ever more important part of the lift. Not only to assist in successfully making all of our reps, but also in keeping yourself safe under heavy loads.

Check out this article written by Dr. Aaron Horschig posted on Squat University, which describes how to properly engage the core musculature and coordinate with breathing to provide a stable platform on which to lift.

"A proper squat is all about maintaining proper spinal stability. When we combine the coordinated bracing ability of our core muscles and harness the power of our breath we allow our body to move properly and lift tremendous weights safely."

Now is a great time to practice these strategies, so you’re a pro by the time we approach a 1RM!

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