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Many of us spent the past weekend in awe of and inspired by the elite CrossFit athletes that made it to the 2019 Games. The feats of strength, agility, and all around athleticism are always impressive to watch and the camaraderie and support the athletes demonstrate to their fellow competitors is unparalleled.

Most of us aren’t training to win the CrossFit games, most of us train to look good, feel better and reduce daily stress. The programming implemented at Bell City is developed to help you do just that.

In this article written by the folks at Opex, they delve into what happens when we age (osteopenia - loss of bone density, sarcopenia - decrease in muscle mass), leading to increased risk performing activities of daily living. They also highlight how appropriate strength training can help combat the effects of our body's natural aging process.

Bell City welcomes members of all ages, and our trained coaches are there to assist each step of the way. We also offer Personal Training and Nutrition Consultation packages to help you define your goals, develop an individualized program and achieve the results you’re looking for.

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