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MOTQ Q4-2021: Paul Hammell

Our next Member of the Quarter celebrated his 6th anniversary at Bell City CrossFit on September, 29th. A huge milestone that reflects his dedication and consistency as an athlete, as well as his coachability and desire to learn. The staff unanimously and unequivocally selected Paul Hammell as our Q4 2021 Member of the Quarter!

September was a big month for Paul, not only did he celebrate his Bell City anniversary, as well as his birthday, but he also once again accepted the challenge of conquering the Spartan Beast at Killington of the many Obstacle Course races Paul and his girlfriend Megan participate in throughout the year. Putting into practice all of the strength & conditioning training they routinely participate in at CrossFit.

Paul has been a staple at Bell City CrossFit’s 5:30pm and 6:30pm group classes and is always one of the first people to introduce himself to new members, welcoming them to the gym. He’s also been known to bring his tools in, get up on a ladder and check out the integrity of the rig, rings and ropes. He graciously offered his time to help Bell City move from Broad Street and utilized his skills to make our home on Emmett Street a safe facility by helping to secure the rig to the wall and the rings/ropes to the ceiling at Emmett Street.

His hard work, dedication, positivity and welcoming nature makes him the perfect selection to represent what Bell City is all about. Congratulations, Paul, we absolutely 110% appreciate all you do for Bell City, always generous with your time & willing to lend your expertise, referring new members and supporting us and the gym. Keep crushing goals and being an inspiration to others!

Read more about Paul on the MOTQ section of our website!

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