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Programming Sneak Peek - Week of 10/4/2021

What's Up, Bell City Community!

We’re entering week #2 of our 8 Week Strength Cycle and this week we’ll see 4x5 at 32x1 Tempo on the Back Squat and Bench Press. The intent is to maintain mechanics, adhere to the tempo, control descent & keep tension at the bottom of the movements, all while working at a slightly heavier weight than last week’s 4x7. Grab yourself a partner to help count reps and tempo!

Here’s your weekly rundown:

  • MONDAY: Back Squat 4x5 at (32x1) (EFFORT…lots of EFFORT)

  • TUESDAY: Bench Press 4x5 at (32x1) (EFFORT)

  • WEDNESDAY: Snatch Complex (SPRINT - FIRE)

  • THURSDAY: RDLs & Lunges + 5 Rounds Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Run (EFFORT)

  • FRIDAY: S2OH Complex: 1 Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk (EFFORT)

  • SATURDAY: Join Coach Erin for a 21 min AMRAP of Alternating Devil’s Press, Toes to Bar, Suitcase Carry + Running! (GRIND)


  • Registration for Barbells for Boobs is OPEN! Teams or Individuals! Workout details will be released soon! Heats start at 1pm on Saturday, October 30th. Halloween Theme - prize for Best Costume. Fundraise via the Barbells for Boobs webpage by creating a campaign under team Bell City CrossFit! Throwdown is open to BCCF members & non-members. Let’s raise some serious $$!

  • Circuit Breaker Promo! Buy 2 Months unlimited Circuit Breaker up front, get the 3rd month for FREE! This offer is available to current CB members and new members. No prerequisite training or experience required. More info in the link - spread the word!

  • Coach Erin’s NEXT Yoga Class in her Monthly Series is October 17th! Drop-ins $25

Get after it this week, Bell City!

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