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Programming Sneak Peek - Week of 11/1/2021

Happy Halloween!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday to throwdown at our Barbells for Boobs event! It was a great day at the gym, and we raised some money for a great cause! Check out the pics from the event on our Flickr page!

Another frightfully fantastic week of workouts this week! We're entering week 6 of our 8-week cycle, which means 4x3 at (21x1) on the back squat and bench press, building from week 3’s 4x3 at (32x1) and last week’s 4x5 at (21x1).

Here’s the rundown:

  • Monday: Back Squats, AMRAP x 14’ DB Work! (EFFORT)

  • Tuesday: FIGHT GONE BAD! Last seen January 29, 2021 (EFFORT)

  • Wednesday: Bench Press, Longer slog of a workout Burpees, Running & Slamballs (EFFORT)

  • Thursday: Squat Clean Thruster Complex + PAINKILLER, last seen April 30th & Feb. 9th. (EFFORT)

  • Friday: Push Press + Push Jerk Complex (SPRINT)

  • Saturday: Join Coach Todd for a Snatch Complex + AMRAP x 24 MINUTES of HPS, BJOs and C2B (GRIND)

Looking ahead, week 7 will be a deload week, expect 7-5-3 at (1111) for your Back Squat and Bench Press, a 3-Rep Squat Clean, 5-5-5-5 Push Jerk, and the HERO workout "Chad" on Veteran's Day. Then, on week 8, we'll test out a 3-RM Bench, Push Jerk and Back Squat along with the benchmark workout “Roller Coaster”!


  • Coach Erin’s next Yoga Class is Sunday, November 21st. Drop-ins are $25! Rest, Restore, Recover!

  • Veteran’s Day “CHAD”, Thursday, November 11th!

Y’all are killin’ it in the gym, Bell City! Keep it UP!

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