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We’ve tested 250m and 500m row sprints, we quite often sit on the rower in the middle of a workout for calories or meters and we recently tested a 1k and a 2k. Tomorrow, we tackle the 5k row. That’s 5,000m. A race that requires not only physical ability, but mental toughness, technique and…most important for success, a strategy.

Here are some things to think about in preparation for the race:


Check out this article which outlines 4 things you can apply to instantly improve your rowing (plus a bonus and important 5th). 1. Heels Down, 2. Push, Push, Push. 3. Make Your Mother Proud (posture!), 4. It’s all in the hips and 5. GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT.

Even if you’re not doing all of these perfectly, at least check in with yourself on these 5 points throughout your race. It’ll keep you occupied.


This article presents several strategies from the experts to help you survive the 5k. Recognize and understand your split time, stroke rating, break the race into blocks (e.g. 5 1k pieces). "Figure out the average split you can maintain for the piece then start out two seconds slower. Most 5k splits are about seven seconds slower than your 2k split. “


Here’s a pacing chart which outlines split times and corresponding finish times for a 5k row.

Have Fun!

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