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Why the Hip Hinge will Make or Break Your Big Lifts

The hip hinge is one of the first things we teach athletes in our Fundamentals Program. Specifically, it is taught in Class #2 as a preface to learning the kettlebell deadlift, kettlebell swing, barbell deadlift and hand power clean. Hinging is a functional movement pattern that is instrumental to safe movement inside and outside of the gym.

As this BarBend article explains, learning and understanding how to hinge properly has many benefits. Not only will it load the glutes and hamstrings to provide optimal power in lifts, but it will also help ensure proper balance around joints to prevent back and knee injury.

Coaches at Bell City will often cue athletes to "hinge at the hips" rather than simply bending at the knees or rounding the back.

Additionally, we'll cue to brace the core to avoid over-extension of the lumbar spine. If you are one of these athletes and would like to better understand what the hinge is, how to test your hinge and how to correct this movement, check out this article.

If you have further questions, ask a Coach!

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