Specialty Fitness Classes in Bristol, CT

Get hyper focused on one area of fitness with a specialty class

Specialty Classes are offered periodically throughout the year, normally running anywhere between five and twelve weeks, with recurring days and times during the cycle. These classes allow for a specific focus on one area of fitness in order to quickly improve and excel in a shortened period of time.


Specialty Classes

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BCCF Running Clinic - Track Edition

The goal of this class is to open the door to running on a track surface. Participants will learn to understand the purpose of pacing and how to execute proper pacing during workouts. Expect different types of running workouts on the track that will improve form, speed and technique.
Each class will include a running specific warm-up (e.g. 200m walk/jog, form runs and dynamic stretches), a daily workout and wrap up with a cool-down/stretch/core finisher. Focus on pacing, running mechanics, running form, proper warm up and proper cool down. Participants will also receive “homework” each week.
This class will take place at Bristol Tracks (to be communicated by the Coach).
Open to BCCF members and non-members who want to learn more about running.
Maximum number of participants = 10 / Minimum required = 3.

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Olympic Weightlifting Speciality Class

This class is appropriate for individuals who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the Clean, Snatch and Jerk, while improving technique, gaining strength and building confidence in the Olympic Lifts.
You can expect an individual “Readiness to Lift” assessment, and progressive drills to build proper positioning, strength and technique proficiency in the lifts. Suggested warm-up, mobility, and lifting homework will also be given for practicing and staying consistent. This will also help with stability, strength, as well as feeling and learning better body control and awareness associated with the lifts.
Class Size Minimum: 3

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PowerLifting Specialty Class

Each class will focus on a specific lift, appropriate warm-up, execution and accessory lifts to help improve performance in the Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. An individual assessment will be performed and progressive drills assigned to improve technique & increase strength.
Class size is limited to 10 people, to ensure individual attention, and social distancing so reserve your spot today!
Class Size Minimum: 3

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Are you someone who experiences regular aches and pains throughout the day? Do you feel worn out or beat up from traditional programming? This class will introduce novel movements applied optimally to fill in the gaps you may have in your current training regime. Hop on the #GainTrain with Coach Steph Barr, get STRONG and feel GREAT!
This class utilizes the principles of functional bodybuilding to help participants achieve a solid base of strength; leading to improved joint integrity and stability, and carrying over to weightlifting, gymnastics and workouts. Results also include increasing lean body mass, and improved motor control.
Class Size Max: 9; Class Size Minimum: 5


Bell City Legends - 55+

The evidence supporting the importance of resistance training, aerobic activity and general movement in increasing bone density, combating chronic disease and improving overall quality of life is overwhelming.  Join a class specifically designed to keep you healthy, active and fulfilled for years to come.  This functional fitness class is specifically designed with the 55+ population in mind.  Workouts will be programmed with an emphasis on strength/resistance training, cardiovascular fitness as well as balance and mobility.  Expect a thorough warm-up and stretching session, focused unilateral and/or bilateral strength segment in addition to a metabolic conditioning finisher.  Programming will include introduction to stretching, single arm/leg exercises, multi-planar functional movement to aid in improving health, increasing strength and promoting longevity & independence.  Equipment utilized include Bands, KB, DB, MedBalls, Slamballs as well as Bikes & Rowers.
Class Size is limited to 8 participants.  Minimum required 4.

Youth Strength & Conditioning (Coming Soon!)

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Where is Bell City CrossFit located?

We're located in Bristol, CT! Our address is 650 Emmett Street Unit 3, Bristol, CT 06010.

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"I went to bell city for a week while I was visiting my husband in Bristol. Such a small and friendly crossfit gym. I attended 3 or 4 classes. The workouts were good and the people were even better. They were super inviting and nonjudgmental. I will sign up for their 1 week package every time I visit my husband. Also they were super affordable . I wish I could have gone to more classes while I was there."

Jessica Ellis

"I joined last summer and have loved every minute of it! Great coaches, great atmosphere, and I 100% recommend Bell City CrossFit to people of all levels of fitness! Personally, I was new to cross fit and have seen awesome results since I started less than a year ago- if you’re even a little interested in giving it a shot go with Bell City CrossFit!"

Nicole Crandle

"I have been going to Bellcity now for a little over 2 years and I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made.  I have not only improved my fitness level but I have made lifelong friendships.  The coaches are hands down the best and go out of their way to help you and make sure you are the best you can be.  The BCCF community is the place to be!"

Kristine Delvalle

"Absolutely amazing gym, and even better community. You truly have the whole gym in your corner. Wether you’re new to CrossFit or are a seasoned vet this is definitely the gym to join!"

Ethan Archambeault

"Bell City is AMAZING. Coaches are knowledgeable and genuinely care about each and every person’s progress. Everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive. Very family-like atmosphere that makes it a welcoming environment for all, regardless of experience or fitness level. If you’re looking to have some fun, improve your fitness, and meet some truly AWESOME people then you’ve found your gym. I’ve moved around for work a fair share and thus been a member at numerous CrossFit gyms throughout the country. Can say without a doubt Bell City is the best I’ve experienced. 5+ stars!"

Adam Bennett

"Extremely welcoming and motivating coaches and members. They cheer for you and help you along they way. Don’t be afraid or intimidated when you just starting out. They pay extra attention to the right technique, not how much you lift. Sucks that I moved away."

Nikita Baliakin

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