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CrossFit Group Classes

CrossFit Group Classes are where our daily Workout of the Day (WOD) are held.  Our programming is constantly varied, but structured to achieve skill and strength progressions over the course of a cycle.

Circuit Breaker Classes

Circuit Breaker Classes offer a change of pace from regular CrossFit Group classes, while providing a fun, high-energy class that CrossFitters and non-CrossFitters alike can attend.  In short, Circuit Breaker aims at providing high-intensity interval workouts while removing the barbell and complicated gymnastics movements seen in CrossFit Group classes.  

FREE Intro

Our FREE Intro class has no barrier to entry, removing often intimidating movements, providing insight into the CrossFit methodology coupled with a workout that everyone can enjoy.

Open Gym

Open Gym provides an opportunity for members to practice new skills or hone existing ones without the intensity of a traditional CrossFit Group class.  While a coach is present, no programming is scheduled for this day.

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