About Bell City CrossFit

Welcome to Bell City CrossFit


Our values

There's an old country song that says "you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything".

Our values outline what we stand for. These are the things that we live by each and every day in our gym.

They're non-negotiable and they help all of us remember that while each of our individual objectives may differ, collectively we achieve our goals in part due to the vision and core values that we share.


We value a positive gym environment, where everyone is able to fulfill their best-self in the time they have dedicated to their health. We strive to be the best part of people's day.


We value the evolution of skill development in people, and strive to have patience and trust in this process (mechanics, consistency, then intensity). It's more important to come back tomorrow than to push beyond safe limits today.


Do the right thing... always. Be honest with yourself, your fellow Members and Coaches.


Disrespect of any kind to fellow Members, Coaches, equipment or facilities will not be tolerated. We strive to immediately address and resolve conflict in order to maintain a safe environment that fosters continuous growth and development.


We strive to give our best, whatever that may be on a given day. We look forward not only to the destination, but to the struggles along our journey, for they will forge an indomitable spirit.


We value the prepared mind and body, and strive to continuously learn, adapt and achieve success by working from a position of strategic advantage.

Open Mindedness

We value an ego-free, inclusive environment that fosters growth and continued learning, enabling Members to achieve their own personal wellness goals.


We value the support and encouragement provided by fellow Members and Coaches, as we strive to create a wellness program that is welcoming, open and accessible to all people, of all fitness levels, backgrounds and abilities.


We value the perseverance to walk through our door every day and the grit to get knocked down seven times, but get up eight. We strive to continually break down self-imposed barriers and create a new possible.


We value each Member's commitment to self-improvement and strive to create an environment that breeds consistency through accountability.


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