Ellie Cianci

Ellie Cianci

MOTQ: Q3-2022

Ellie Cianci

Ellie Cianci

MOTQ: Q3-2022

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Q: When did you first hear about CrossFit and how did you get started?

I heard about CrossFit several years ago thru my niece and nephew.  Fast forward a few years - I worked with Nickie at ESPN (she was also helping me with my fitness and nutrition).  When she left ESPN after they bought BCCF, I followed her there and joined the gym.

Q: Why did you stick with it?

I really enjoy the CrossFit as well as the Circuit Breaker group classes.  They are challenging, but I love a good challenge!!   It has helped me so much with my fitness as well as my nutrition – keeps me accountable.  Working out is a great stress reliever as well, which I REALLY need!!!!

Q: What do you enjoy most about Bell City CrossFit?

Bell City is such a welcoming environment where everyone encourages and cheers each other on.  No judgment, which I really love!  BCCF offers both fitness and nutritional help / guidance.   Great members and exceptional coaches!  

Q: Most and least favorite lift?

My most favorite is the Deadlift (205 lbs is my PR to date).  Least favorite are Burpees (no big surprise there for those who know me – haha!!).

Q. What do you train for?

I want to be in the best shape I can be, both physically and nutritionally.  Bell City is helping me do just that.  Do I slip up sometimes, yes, but then I get back on track and move forward.  As I am getting older, I want to keep my body moving and eat as healthy as I can.

Q: What is your greatest CrossFit success story?

My greatest success story was the day I hit my 60 lb weight loss mark!!  I have put a few pounds back on since then, but am determined to lose that plus more (to get past the 60 lb mark).

As far as CrossFit accomplishments, I am just amazed that I can do barbell movements!  I never dreamed I’d be able to do it!

Q: What do you do for work?

I am a Senior Accounting Analyst at ESPN/Disney.

Q: What do you do for fun with you’re not at the gym?

Enjoy taking walks, going to the movies and an occasional dinner out.  Also love to just sit out on our deck for some needed relaxation and maybe read a book (which is a luxury these days).

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in CrossFit, but not sure it’s the right fit for them?

My advice would be to just DO IT!!!   You will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you just try.  I’m living proof.  The coaches will provide modifications for movements when needed.  CrossFit is for anyone – any age, body type or fitness level.  We all have to start somewhere.   I never thought I would be this happy joining a CrossFit gym – Bell City is the best!  Trust me, you will not regret it!!

Q: Favorite breakfast meal?

Plain Greek yogurt (Chobani) with fresh blueberries, slivered almonds & sunflower seeds and a cup of black coffee.​

Congratulations Ellie, and thank you for sharing your story!  

When you see Ellie at Bell City, be sure to give her a high-five and congratulate her!!!

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