Todd Johnsky

Todd Johnsky

MOTQ: Q4-2020

Todd Johnsky

Todd Johnsky

MOTQ: Q4-2020

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Q: When did you first hear about CrossFit and how did you get started?

Nickie and Roland lived across the street from me.  I always saw Roland doing these crazy workouts in his garage and driveway.  I had always been a regular gym goer but never thought I could do what he was doing, lifting what he was lifting.  One day I responded to a post Nickie had posted to FB showing Roland on the rope close to the ceiling.  Nickie responded to "come check us out".   I ended up trying a 30 minute introduction was challenging but I was impressed with the gym, the equipment and the coaches I met.  I believe I  finished the introductory class by signing up for fundamental training, and the rest is history!

Q: Why did you stick with it?

I was always very self conscious.  I had always been the type to be easily intimidated especially with something new.  I also seldom put myself out there.  Joining was a huge step for me.  I was nervous to begin, but once I jumped into learning all the different movements I gained more and more confidence.  The biggest reason I stuck with it was because from the first time I entered Bell City I was welcomed by awesome members and coaches that would not let me fail and took an active interest in me succeeding.  It has become an obsession and a passion of mine.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Bell City CrossFit?

Wow...It's hard to choose just 1 thing I love about Bell City, so I wont.  

First - The owners and coaches have all played an important role in my life.  Each has their own style and approach to training and I learn something new every day from them.

Second - The People.  I love working out alongside other people, each of us with varying degrees of ability, strength and time at CrossFit.  I have made many fantastic friends and can honestly say some of my favorite people in my life.

Third - Transformation.  I have proven to myself to try new things...put myself out there.  Stop thinking about what other people think about me.

Fourth - My Arms...Ha!

Q: Most and least favorite lift?

Overhead Squat and Back Squats....I'd rather do Burpees or Thrusters​

Q. What do you train for?

A few years ago I had a health issue.  It really scared me.  I was living a somewhat healthy lifestyle but never realized how much more I could be doing.  I also wanted to be a role model for my 4 great kids.  Each day they see me putting in the hard work to better  myself, working towards a goal.  I have always taught them to be the best version of themselves, work hard for you, don't wait for someone to just hand you something.  Use your passion for good.

Q: What is your greatest CrossFit success story?

Again, so many to choose from.  Personal victories like challenging myself to go heavier, RX more and learning the techniques, etc. Showing up every day on Zoom during the closure is another one.   Probably the biggest accomplishment is when I won the Zone Challenge.  It was a great accomplishment to learn how to eat healthy to support my effort in the gym.  I never thought I would ever be on a “Diet”.  Recent successes are getting over the two hundred pound mark on my favorite...Power Cleans and being chosen to be the Member of the Quarter.  It means a lot!

Q: What do you do for work?

I work for Kohls.  I have a corporate/field position as a territory Merchandising and Visual Manager.  I cover all of the East coast, Mid Atlantic, Southeast through Florida, South Central to Texas...About half the United States.  My job keeps me very busy.  Pre-Covid I was traveling 2 nights a week to my different markets.  I love my job as every day I am in a different city, meeting with Senior Leadership, multi-store leaders and Store managers.  Teaching, training, coaching merchandising and Visual execution to drive Sales and Customer Service. I am the liaison between the field and corporate.  On the Corporate side of things I have responsibilities that include weekly field communication, assisting with creation of Merchandising direction to the stores, Execution of corporate initiatives like new brand rollouts.  I also spend a lot of time learning from our competition and providing gained insight to leadership in the company.  The job lets me use my creative side at the same time as my organizational skills.  I juggle a lot each day...the emails and calls never stop.

Q: What do you do for fun with you’re not at the gym?

My Wife and I enjoy working in the yard, planting and maintaining (although you would not tell by my burnt grass at the moment...).  I have also been doing a lot of home improvement projects lately.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in CrossFit, but not sure it’s the right fit for them?

You have to try it out.  CrossFit is for everyone...all ages.  No one judges you and we are all there for support.  CrossFit is not a's a community.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish and of all the awesome people you meet along the way.​

Q: Favorite breakfast meal?

Every Day: 3 eggs, 2 slices Low Carb toast with peanut butter

Congratulations Todd, and thank you for sharing your story!  

When you see Todd at Bell City, be sure to give him a high-five and congratulate him!!!

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