Programming Sneak Peek (01/08-01/13)

omorrow, Monday, January 8th kicks off our BRING A FRIEND WEEK!! There's still time for your friend or family member to register for a FULL WEEK of classes for FREE!

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy a snow day today!

Tomorrow, Monday, January 8th kicks off our BRING A FRIEND WEEK!!  There's still time for your friend or family member to register for a FULL WEEK of classes for FREE HERE. Your friend can attend any classes they'd like during this week (they do not have to attend with you). If your friend signs up, you BOTH receive 30% off your next membership.

Please welcome our new friends at the gym when you see them!

This week, we enter our second week of the Progressive Overload strength cycle for our Back Squats and Deadlifts. You'll see 6x4 Deadlifts programmed as post-workout strength on Tuesday and 6x4 Back Squats also post-workout programmed on Friday. Sets should be performed at an RPE 7 effort building to a Moderate-Heavy weight and staying Moderate-Heavy across all sets.

Don't forget to record your results in SugarWOD and gradually progress yourself over the course of this strength cycle!

Registration for the 2024 CrossFit Open kicks off on Tuesday, January 9th!! The 2024 Open will run for 3-weeks, during which we'll complete 3 workouts. The first workout will be released on Thursday, February 29th and the final workout score submission will be due on Monday, March 18th.  You can learn more about this global competition HERE!  Be on the lookout for more information about the CrossFit Open at Bell City CrossFit coming soon!

Have you given any thought to your 2024 goals yet?  What routines or habits will you begin incorporating to help you move towards those goals?  Be sure to note your 2024 goals on the "Bell City CrossFit Goals Board" at the gym this week so we can help hold you accountable!

Here's what we have to look forward to this week!

• MONDAY: (GRIND) "Death Row" EMOM x 20 Minutes Min 1: Row, Min 2: Burpees.  RPE 10 - 100% → Absolute Max loading/pace/feel.

• TUESDAY: (EFFORT) Four Rounds for Time Deadlifts, Pull-Ups/Ring Rows, Box Jump Overs + RPE 7 Post Workout Strength 6x4 Deadlifts

• WEDNESDAY: (GRIND) Dip Practice (gymnastics skill work) + AMRAP x 18 Minutes Max Cal Bike (*Every 3:00 not including 0:00 complete 10 Unbroken Wall Balls (Athlete Choice) + 15 Sit-Ups.)

• THURSDAY: (EFFORT) AMRAP x 15 Minutes Run, Rope Climbs, Hang Power Cleans

• FRIDAY: (SPRINT) Every 3:00 x 4-Sets Jump Rope, DB Front Rack Lunge-Lunge-Squats + RPE 7 Post Workout Strength 6x4 Back Squats

• SATURDAY: (SPRINT) Every 1:30 x 6-Sets 2 Snatches + 1 Hang Snatch (power or squat) + AMRAP x 17 Minutes Burpees + Snatches (*The format of this workout is the same as OPEN 13.1 but the weights have been updated to reflect current CF Open loadings.)


• Bring a Friend WEEK: Monday, January 8 - Saturday, January 13th. Friends can register HERE.

• BCCF Holiday Party!  Saturday, January 13th 3pm at Kinsmen!

CrossFit Open Registration: Tuesday, January 9th

• CrossFit Open: Thursday, February 29th through Monday, March 18th...more details coming soon!

Havea fantastic week, BCCF!

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