Marisa Francis

Group Coach / Personal Training
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Coach Marisa grew up in Burlington, CT and despite her current enthusiasm and passion for fitness, she hasn't always been a fan of exercise.  She even managed to fail PE class in High School and as a result was required to attend summer school to make it up!  In an effort to manage stress as an adult in a healthy way, she began to exercise regularly and fell in love with the routine, progress and results she experienced. Looking to take her fitness to the next level, she found CrossFit in early 2022.  Coach Marisa started at Bell City CrossFit in March, 2022 and felt right at home immediately.  She describes the environment as the warmest, most welcoming atmosphere of any gym she's been to, and  she loves the sense of community she has found through CrossFit.  Coach Marisa is a self described “people person” and after being a Hairdresser for 15+ years, she can chat with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Her other passions include hiking, hunting, and anything outdoors.