Loneliness is Making You Sick - CrossFit Can Help

We live in the golden age of connectedness. Twenty-three billion text messages are sent worldwide daily; 333 billion emails; 4.8 billion users spend an average of two hours and 24 minutes on social media each day. Yet, we’re lonelier than ever, and the growing prevalence of loneliness is more than just sad. It’s a serious health issue. Now for the good news: There is a place where you can treat the whole problem all at once. In fact, there are 13,000 of them all around the world.

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In 1999, Steve Wheate's life took a challenging turn when his wife suffered a severe stroke. As a full-time caregiver, he battled loneliness and depression. At 72, he found solace and community in Desert CrossFit, a seniors-only gym. CrossFit not only improved his physical health but also provided meaningful connections, combating loneliness. The power of community in CrossFit goes beyond fitness, offering a supportive network that contributes to mental well-being and a renewed sense of purpose. Steve's story exemplifies the transformative impact of CrossFit on both physical and emotional health, proving that the benefits extend far beyond the gym walls.

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